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General Information


The Industrial Park is located north-west of the settlement in a historically developing industrial zone, linking together the city’s two largest companies; EGIS Pharmaceutical Plc and ADA Hungária Ltd furniture company.

Accessable via Road 8 and Berki Road.

The Industrial Park

The total land of the Industrial Park covers almost 73 hectares, which is zoned as an industrial and commercial area. A detailed land-display is shown on the enclosed table.

Whole area727.350 m²
Road area74.646 m²
Green area21.984 m²
Non-sellable land96.630 m²
Sellable land630.720 m²
Legero Hungária Kft.15.579 m²
Car Inside Kft.93.873 m²
Körmend Frucht Kft.2.000 m²
Két S Trans Kft.2.174 m²
Pigador Kft.2.250 m²
Variant Trans Kft.2.000 m²
Inkubátorház Kft.5.783 m²
Sold land123.659 m²
Freely available land507.061 m²
completely excavated201.845 m²
partly excavated312.999 m²


The operator of the park’s philosophy is in connection with the park development company, formerly called Eybl Internationale AG, and now called Car Inside Ltd - a car transportation company. The economic downturn at the end of 2008 shifted focus towards small and medium domestic businesses. The management of the park was able to support these settlements in many different ways.

In the not too distant future, it is possible that car transportation could be the main target of the park again, in order to achieve a balanced mixture of professions among the established companies with varied services, - as well as offering services between them –, in an interconnected business area.

Site plan - IBK Körmend

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