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The park operators offer complex services for established companies regarding their development.


Pre-establishment services

  • Registration, legal advice
  • Funding sources, state and regional: information, proposal oversight, proposal preparation and writing
  • Technical assistance in preparation: planning, building, utilities
  • Managing investment projects, technical control, responsible technical management
  • Financial planning, leasing, renting, loans
  • Mediation to local authorities, businesses
  • Participation in foreign workers’ affairs (home, school, etc.)



Post-establishment services

Non-profit services (mandatory):

  • Road, pavement maintainance: cleaning, renovation of traffic signs, snow removal
  • Operation of street lighting
  • Utility system operation, maintenance
  • Landscape care: landscaping, grass seeding, tree planting
  • Unsold land care

Available services on site (can be deployed if needed):

  • Logistics
  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Adult education: foreign languages, computing, professional and accredited trainings, corporate and leadership trainings
  • Local bus traffic

Hungary Kft.

Kossuth Lajos u. 52/A
8986 Pórszombat, Hungary