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On the side of the east-west public road, public network wire lines are in place, which - besides serving the already established companies - are connected to the already existing lines underneath and next to the road network in the south of the park. The area of the park to the north of the public road will in the future be served from these lines.

Available infrastructure:

Electricity20 kVa
0,4 kVa for the street light and other requirements
Trafo: reachable from EON 2 x 250 kVA
2.777 kVA
630 kVA
circular wiring, 2 pieces if needed
junction box
Gas 900 Nm³/h2,5 – 3,0 bar
Water 350 – 400 m³/h 
Drainagelifting station400 m³/h
2 pc
Rain water drainagepiping system,
storage pond
2 pcpartly ditch
Telecommunication  sub-building
Street lightingpublic road
inside road network
1.700 m
1.300 m


Transport infrastructure: individual traffic

Körmend is located at the crossroads of two transportation lines (Nuremberg/Dresden – Venice/Rijeka and Moscow –Venice/Rijeka). In the east-west direction on main road 8, through the Szentgotthárd border checkpoint, there is an existing tie to the western industrial region. Besides the Vienna-Budapest highway this is the most important east-west transportation route. The north-south corridor is at the eastern border of the city, which can currently be reached on main road 8 (about 5 km). A city bypass is expected to be built within a couple of years (separate or included into M8 to the border), which passes by the northern boundary of the park. This 4-lane highway will be part of the proposed M8 highway. The M8 - already partly constructed - will connect Budapest through Szentgotthárd to the south Austrian high way system. (S7; A2)

According to plans there will be a highway exit to the park within the Berki Road intersection. The complete implementation of the highway can be expected by 2019. The part of the highway passing by Körmend and the Austrian S7 are scheduled to be opened for traffic in 2022/2023.


Transport infrastructure: railways

Körmend is located on the line connecting Vienna-Szombathely-Graz and is operated by GySEV (Gyor-Sopron-Ebenfurt-Railways). A complete renovation is being carried out on the Hungarian section. From Körmend station a side rail goes directly to EGIS, by the eastern border of Prevent. This section may be extended into the area of the industrial park– after renovation, if necessary. The agreement regarding this matter has already been signed with EGIS Nyrt.


International connections

Heiligenkreuz (A) 27 kmGraz (A) 110 kmTrieste (I) 375 km
Rédics (SLO) 51 kmVienna(A) 170 kmKoper (SLO) 390 km
Letenye (HR) 85 kmBratislava (SK) 175 kmRijeka (HR) 400 km
 Zagreb (HR) 175 km 


Hungary Kft.

Kossuth Lajos u. 52/A
8986 Pórszombat, Hungary