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Settlement plan and Building regulations

The area is classified for industrial and commercial use as a GIP-4 zone therefore it can be built in as follows:

zoning code Gip-4
building method unrestricted
minimum size of land developmentarea (m²)
width (m)
depth (m)
minimum size of buildingarea (m²)
width (m)
depth (m)
maximum building%50 (70) *
front gardenm12,5
side gardenm12,5
back gardenm12,5
building heightm (min/max)3,5 / 12,5
minimum green area%25

* In cases where there are no other regional alternatives in the industrial park and construction regulations are observed, as an exeption 70% is permitted to be built upon.

During the preparation of the regulatory plan, environmental and heritage studies were made. Regarding excavations, the area is not important, therefore a preliminary excavation study was not important to be made before classification. An environmental study was made from an ecological point of view, investigating the impact of the neighboring carpentry workshop’ s wood waste. The result was not significant; nitrate, sulfate and boron were found in the water samples from the area (in the south areas) which could be traced back to agricultural fertilization as well as to the decomposition of wood waste. The values never went beyond the legal limits in any case.

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